"I'm So Busy" is Killing Your Conversations

"I've been so busy."

You've said it. (I've said it.)

A lot. (It seems to justify so much.)

And, it's time to stop - because it's killing your conversations and relationships. 

Proclaiming your busy-ness to others justifies your lack of response to their messages, calls and emails. It tells people that you have no time - for them or anything else, really. It boasts how important you are. (We love our “busy” culture, which equates having a full calendar with high social or business worth. The busier you are, the more valuable you are.)

@@Saying how busy you are may make you feel awesome and important, but it alienates others and kills opportunities.@@

After all, if you're so busy, how could you be available for people or projects? As much as your friends, potential clients, co-workers and family may love you or want to work with you, even they will tire of your "busy" story.

It seems we all have too many commitments and too few hours. But remember - that is our choice. We all have the same 24-hours each day - and we each get to decide what we make time for, and what we don't. If your reply to “How are you?” is always an exhausted, “So busy,” you will soon find your phone quieting down.

Get off the “busy horse” and try these responses instead:

  1. “I’m livin’ the dream.”
  2. “I’ve been working on some projects that make me want to sing.”
  3. “I’m busy…but I always have time for what counts.”
  4. “Life is good, friend. What can I do for you?”
  5. "I've got 15 minutes and I'm giving them all to you, friend. What's up?"