What to do when someone “quits” on you

Sometimes, people give up. They surrender and throw up their white flag in the middle of something (a project, relationship or business). When that something involves you, it can be a damn hard thing to deal with. Whether it’s an actual physical leaving or an emotional one, your friend, ally, team member, significant other just threw in the towel, and you're left feeling sad, frightened or angry. 

When this happens - and if you're reading this, it likely already has in your life - here's how to climb out of your rut. 

I Did a Ted Talk! (And it was the scariest thing I did all year...)

I did a Ted Talk! And, for the first time ever, I walked out onto a stage wearing the "thing" that freaks me out the most about my physical appearance: my 'Fro. Watch the video link below (or here) and see if you "get" what I'm throwin' down here about how we all need to step out from behind the things that scare us the most.