3 simple steps to writing the perfect greeting card

Soapbox: One of the most joyless things ever is receiving a greeting card in the mail only to find that the sender didn’t write anything personal…they only signed their name.

Come on, ya’ll! We can do better than that! Why send a “greeting card” if all you’re gonna write is your name? I already know you’re name…it’s on the envelope!

There, I said it: off my soapbox now.

It only takes three lines and 30 seconds to write a deliciously good greeting card that your friends, family and others will truly appreciate…and remember you for. Here’s how:

1. Write the person’s name – I know, this seems obvious…but take a look back at your greeting cards and see how many people actually took the time to write your name. Mhmmm…there’s some slackers out there.

2. Tell them why you appreciate them. Try: “Your support this year has meant the world to me.” Or, “Thank you for your amazing friendship.”

3. Add a wish that includes two adjectives or nouns.  Something like: “Wishing you a blissful and memorable New Year.” Or, “Hope your New Year is filled with happiness and health.”

3. Close it all out with your signature.

Boom – you’ve just written an amazing greeting card that deserves a prime place on someone’s desk or mantle.