Life Calls You to Bloom

Oh spring in Western NY...I adore you even though you're sometimes like a runway model fail. You're beautiful, but ya got an attitude and don't have your act together!

You’re a hot mess, spring. Go home.

In March, I look forward to the big “show”: warm breezes, bright blooms and seemingly infinite reasons to wear flip flops. Life seems to feel easier then. Around these parts, though, there are a few weeks of “not-so-spring” before life gets easier.

Years ago, a friend explained to me how in eastern thought, spring is viewed as the hardest time of year. Tulips have to fight their way through cold ground and leftover leaves in order to bloom. The tiniest little tree buds have to battle woody stems to emerge victoriously. All of this is true for the nature that surrounds us – and so it is true, I believe, for me and you.

Life gives us this time of year to look inward, summon what we’re “made of”, shed our layers and bloom.

We are called to push past those things that scare us so we can answer the call of our own greatness. It’s time to shock ourselves with our own potential.

Think today, then, on the incredible potential that lies ahead for you. What do you want to change? What do you need to shift in your day or life to make something new happen?  

Then, dig in, take root, rise up and bloom, my friend. Spring will soon be here!