Paying the perfect compliment

Kid President (who I’m a big fan of) posted something on social media this week that I really loved:

If you think of every conversation as an opportunity to say something nice, you’ll find that your relationships will really improve. The most dynamic people I know (those people who everyone seems to love) are the ones who are constantly praising others. They notice and truly appreciate the little and big things about others and they let them know it in a clear, respectful way.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Address them by name so they really hear what you’re saying. It may sound silly or obvious, but people are that much more attentive when they hear their own name coming from someone else’s mouth.
  • Make it specific and clear. Quickly tell them – with detail – what you love about them or their work.
  • Give them your big “why”.  Tell the other person why you care so much about that attribute, or what it does for you.
  • Encourage them to keep it up. Sometimes, all we need is a little thumbs up to boost our confidence that we’re doing something right. Offer this boost to the other person.

All said, here’s what a great compliment sounds like if you follow these steps:

                “Ya know what I really appreciate about you, Joe? Every time I see you, you’re smiling…and that always lifts my mood. We really need that positivity around here and it seems you’re the man for the job! Keep that smile coming.”

                “Sarah, your design work is amazing! I love looking at the fliers you create because they make me want to keep reading and actually get involved. We are seriously lucky to have you…keep it up, my friend.”

Have fun showing some appreciation and inspiring others!