Are You Ready to Shine On-Stage or Video?

I looked so silly the first time I ever appeared on-camera professionally. I can say this now - 13 years and many more tries after the fact. At the time, I was young and eager to represent the organization I worked for as an on-camera spokesperson. I had no fear of being on-camera and I was ready for the challenge. Unfortunately, my eagerness didn’t necessarily translate well on-camera: I sounded like the Fonz from Happy Days when the reporter said, “Thanks for joining us today, Andrea”...and I replied with a casual, “Ayy, no problem!”

I don’t mean to pick on myself; at the time, I did my absolute best. I was so inexperienced, though...and I didn’t know what to expect or how to actually do a news interview well. Since then, I’ve appeared on-camera and in-video hundreds of times for work and play...and each time I’ve seen clearly how “perfection” in any form of communication - especially public speaking or being on-camera is both a moving target and a process. What looks good on-camera (and what doesn’t)... how to place your hands...what expressions to use...what to say - these are all things that can only be learned and perfected if you practice constantly.

@@There are moments in all of our lives and careers where we are called to stand up and be heard.@@ Maybe it’s a news interview or a speech we have to give...or something as simple as making a toast at a friend’s birthday party or wedding.

How ready are you to shine in those moments?

Usually, when these standup moments arrive, we scramble to find some fast fix. I’m a professional speaker and video producer who’s been speaking since I was 14 years old...and this much I know: There are no fast routes to perfection. @@If you want to be an amazing speaker or wow an audience on-camera, practice like you were born to do it.@@

I’ll say it again. Practice like you were born to do it.

Learn to perfect your craft...that is the only true “shortcut” in a life or career spent wishing you could have aimed higher.