Talk your way to better deals while shopping

Yo, yo, yo, my fellow holiday shoppers! I have some juicy tips for you on how to talk your way to better deals this season. Try these...

Tip #1: Make small talk with your cashier…but not too much. Ask your cashier how their day is going and thank them for their service. You would be amazed at how far this goes in getting you some extra deals like free gift wrapping, free extra boxes or bags, easy gift receipts, and secret coupons. 

Too many customers are rude, rushed and just plain wrong with their attitudes when holiday shopping. Remember, that anyone working in retail will gloriously thank you for being kind and warm to them during the coldest shopping season of the year. Just be sure not to over-talk and either slow your cashier down or cause them to make a mistake on your bill. 

Tip #2: Make nice-nice with the other customers in line. You never know who might have an extra coupon or the scoop on a better deal elsewhere. Smile, make some small talk, and watch as fellow customers share some good vibes and deals with you.(This happens to me all the time, by the way.)

Tip #3: Wear some comfortable shoes, and bring some snacks! I'm not kidding when I say that sometimes you need to literally run towards a better deal. Uncomfortable clothing and shoes will not help you when you've gotta jet to a bigger sale or an open line in a store. Leave your heels at home, ladies. Time for some running shoes! 

And - bring some tasty snacks and bottled water! This will not only save you money from heading to the food courts and restaurants, but it will also keep you sustained in a much healthier way. Ya need some energy to stay positive while standing in those long lines! 

Have fun scoring big on your holiday shopping.. And - always remember to grateful and have fun...because that's what it's all about!