Show Up and Keep Running. Every. Time.

A very cool Canadian gal once told me to never “eliminate yourself from the running” on any major thing you want. At the time, she was pursuing a role at her company for which a manager had encouraged her to apply. She didn’t think she was good enough for the gig and wanted to retract her application. The manager, though, told her to wait and let the search committee decide if she wasn’t the right fit. She ultimately got the job because she was able to get out of her own way and recognize that failure wasn’t hers for the taking...success was.

@@Life hands you opportunities. Incredible ones. Recognize them when they appear and do your part to show up and keep going.@@

My very first client was a group that unexpectedly asked me during a casual meeting the name of my company, the kinds of services I offered, my rates and availability. At the time, my “company” was simply a budding idea; a desire to help people communicate better in their life and business. It was a concept, a dream. I didn’t have a logo or a fancy website…or even a business card! But, I had passion and excitement and I knew I could help these people with a very real problem.

In that moment, I was terrified. I didn’t have any sure answers, sales talking points or impressive materials to hand out. It seemed all too incredible to even continue the conversation.

I almost stopped myself.

I almost stopped running.

But, I didn't. I mustered up the courage to keep going. I kept “showing up” with my every word, enthusiastically sharing all of the ways I hoped to help them.

As important as it is to be prepared and know when to quit or be silent, it’s EQUALLY – IF NOT MORE – IMPORTANT to take chances, expect opportunities at every turn, trust yourself, and never pass up a chance to shine – in conversation or deed.

You may not always have all the answers. Still, share the ones you know.

You may not have the most brilliant idea – but share what inspires you anyways.

You may not have shown up to a meeting prepared to sign a new client…but sign ‘em up anyhow.

There are a million formulas for success out there. Here’s one:

Show up. Never eliminate yourself from an opportunity. Expect greatness, always.