60-seconds to perfect social media videos

I’m a big fan of keeping things as simple as possible while still getting awesome results. I keep my grilled cheese sandwiches basic (yum), I don’t over-decorate my Christmas tree (clean-up is a breeze) and I gave up on crafting and scrapbooking a long time ago (precious time reclaimed).

It’s no wonder, then, that I offer you this little gem: 60 seconds to shooting a perfect social media video. I call it SLAM and it's a proven formula for making social content videos that really work. (Yes, this is proprietary…so, please, no funny business from any haters out there).

Are you ready to make your next social media video truly awesome? Here’s how to do with it SLAM:

First, STABILIZE your camera. A stable camera means a clear image. If you don’t have a small tripod, simply lean your camera against something like a stack of books. AND, make sure your camera is in a horizontal position – not vertical.

Then, find your LIGHT. Good light is everything. The better your light, the higher quality image you’ll have. Make sure you’re facing your brightest light source and position your camera in front of it.

Next, get to the ACTION of your video right away. There’s no need for a 60-second setup to the point of your message or situation. Jump right in and tell people what you want them to know.

Finally, make your video one MINUTE (or as close to it as possible). Why? Because – unless you’re shooting video of a rare occurrence like a man actually cleaning up after himself (hahahaha…just kidding, fellas), online attention spans don’t last as long as we want them to. People will trail off from watching your video unless you give them a really great reason to stick with you. When in doubt – aim for 60-seconds. Plus, some social platforms (like Instagram, for example) have a cap on how long your videos can be.

Obviously, there are always exceptions to any rule…but, when in doubt - your best bet is always to SLAM.