DIY video

60-seconds to perfect social media videos

I’m a big fan of keeping things as simple as possible while still getting awesome results. I keep my grilled cheese sandwiches basic (yum), I don’t over-decorate my Christmas tree (clean-up is a breeze) and I gave up on crafting and scrapbooking a long time ago (precious time reclaimed).

It’s no wonder, then, that I offer you this little gem: 60 seconds to shooting a perfect social media video. I call it SLAM and it's a proven formula for making social content videos that really work.

Let there be light!

Light means everything for a high quality business video. The lens on your camera - whether it’s your smartphone camera or a professional-grade camera - is just like the lens of your eye. When it’s bright, you see better; when it’s dark, your eye struggles. Your camera lens will pick up on greater detail and give you a better image if you shoot in an area with great light.

If you don’t have the budget or space for professional lights, there are still some ways you can improve your light quality right now - without spending a single penny.

The Real Cost of Professional Video for Your Business

I’m gonna do my dear friends and colleagues who work in the professional video production industry a solid right now and throw down some truth: professionally-produced video is amazing because it’s a damn art form that requires skill, equipment, talent and creativity - which is ain’t cheap!

There, I said it and here’s why you might be glad I did: shopping around for professionally-produced business videos when you have less than a $5,000 budget is a gross misuse of your time AND most often an insult to the pros you’re soliciting.