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LOL...3 Ways to Get Over Your Nervous Laughter

We can all have moments when we lean on laughter or humor to get us through a nervous conversation. Just remember this, that nervous laughter isn’t fooling anyone. Others can clearly see through it for what it is, and it will always make them feel uncomfortable. No one appreciates repeated laughs or giggles used to conceal nerves, or humor used in a way that is passive aggressive.

Here’s how to get over that nervous laugh...

How the "Feedback Monster" is Ruining your Conversations

Not long ago – the morning after I’d given a team workshop for a client – I felt a rising anxiety that something was very wrong. As I poured my coffee, I realized that I hadn’t heard from my client about the success of the workshop. It was driving me a bit mad: Did they not like it? Had it not been successful? Were they disappointed with my performance? I couldn’t shake the feeling all morning…and by 8 a.m., I had an entire conversation in my head about how I needed to fix this “problem” and elicit some positive feedback. I was convinced that I needed to do more. I needed to follow up with a phone call, an email, or a thank you gift. It was then that I realized the “feedback monster” was wiggling its intrusive little self into my thought process and that I needed to seriously chill out for a minute or I could destroy a really important relationship with just a few insecure words.  

Turn These On to Turn Things Up

Turn These On to Turn Things Up

One of my rock-star clients was recently struggling with a bit of a confidence issue. She was getting ready to have one of those nerve-wrecking, I-am-freaked-out-by-how-the-other-person-will-react conversations, and she was feeling less than confident.

I urged her to find a song – a few songs – that pumped her up and made her feel powerful, amped-up and on-fire.

Preparing remarks? Remember to be real...

I love it when I have to eat my own words...that is, follow my own advice.

I'm speaking today about a very difficult topic, and - in preparing my remarks - I remembered two very important lessons for me and for anyone who ever has to give a speech (or have a very important conversation).

Wanna know what it is? Listen below, friend. It's not even four minutes long...and it will change your day! Promise. ;)