communication skills

"To What End?"

We don’t always have the opportunity to plan what we’re going to say in live conversations, but what if we had the chance to think through some important questions beforehand? Could our relationships improve if we took 5 minutes before a meeting, lunch with a friend, morning coffee break or team presentation to ask ourselves: “To what end?

LOL...3 Ways to Get Over Your Nervous Laughter

We can all have moments when we lean on laughter or humor to get us through a nervous conversation. Just remember this, that nervous laughter isn’t fooling anyone. Others can clearly see through it for what it is, and it will always make them feel uncomfortable. No one appreciates repeated laughs or giggles used to conceal nerves, or humor used in a way that is passive aggressive.

Here’s how to get over that nervous laugh...

3 simple steps to writing the perfect greeting card

Soapbox: One of the most joyless things ever is receiving a greeting card in the mail only to find that the sender didn’t write anything personal…they only signed their name.

Come on, ya’ll! We can do better than that! Why send a “greeting card” if all you’re gonna write is your name? I already know you’re name…it’s on the envelope!

There, I said it: off my soapbox now.

It only takes three lines and 30 seconds to write a deliciously good greeting card that your friends, family and others will truly appreciate and remember you for. Here’s how...

Don't step on your "thanks"

She totally stepped on my “congratulations”! I recently sent a colleague a big “thumbs up” for a huge accomplishment she had made, and instead of simply saying, “thanks”, homegirl stepped all over my congratulations like it was peanut shells on a bar floor. Like: she stomped on it, smothered it…and her reaction left me feeling like I never even said thanks in the first place.

How did she do it? Quite simply by...