You Don't Need Luck if You Have This...

Luck favors the prepared. Never have I known that to be more true than when I started my own business. I had always dreamed that I would one day run my own company, but I had no idea how or when it would happen.

In 2012, I was laid off from my job (and it was the BEST job ever...I traveled internationally as a video producer, mkay?!). As I laid in bed eating my feelings in the following weeks, I casually scrolled through FB and saw that someone posted this: “I have a radio interview tomorrow and I’m freaking out. I wish someone would do it for me or teach me how to do it right.” So, I replied, “Let’s meet for coffee...I can show you how!”

So, we met for coffee. I thought I was gonna offer this nice lady a few tips - just to be helpful. I had zero thoughts in my mind about asking her to pay me. Well, homegirl brought her boss with her! I was like: saaaaaaay what?!!!

I gave this woman and her boss a few tips on how to do an outstanding radio interview. Then her boss asked me: “What’s the name of your company and when can you start working with our team?” So, I just went for it. I dove in. The next sentence out of my mouth started with: “My company name is…” Yup, I started my business that very moment!

Indeed, luck favors the prepared...because if I hadn’t had it in my head for the longest that some day I was going to strike out on my own, I would have never been prepared to jump at the opportunity to create something new.

Since then, I've had some major wins. I've been fortunate - hell, I've been “lucky”! Sometimes we are in the right place at the right time for the right thing. I believe it happens more often than's just that sometimes we’re not listening to how life is calling us. We are unprepared to act on the opportunities that show up.

There are 3 things that - when I'm on my “A-game”, and I do them well - keep me in the perfect position to achieve the things I want most.

  1. Prepare for greatness. Train, practice and plan for the moment when the thing you want most actually shows up...because it will! Have you ever said out loud: “What are the chances?” Well, science shows us that the odds are in your favor that you will see or hear more often about the thing you want most when you keep it front and center in your mind. It’s called the reticular activation sensor. Look it up and get ready to see more of what you want coming your way.

  2. Be flexible. Life will offer you smart opportunities that may not jive with exactly where you think you need to be. Take them if they help you grow, because you never win or lose - you’re either successful or you learn. When you cultivate your personal flexibility, there’s no end to possibilities.

  3. Listen for how life calls you. "Success leaves clues.” Tony Robbins once said that, and I believe it, too. Look around you - what shows up and how are you responding to it? Stay present and curious in each moment. Connect the dots between what you’re seeing and what you want. Respond with a can-do attitude and put your feet in motion.

Luck - by definition - is success or failure apparently brought by chance, rather than through one's own actions. I struggle with that definition because when I think of my own successes and failures and “lucky moments”, I can see exactly how I wound up in each situation.

However you view “luck”, consider also how you view yourself. Are you worthy of achieving the things you say you really want? If you can say “yes” to yourself, I believe you can say “yes” to life...and then all the “luck” in the world is yours because you've put yourself in the position to the create, see and act on the opportunities that are there.

Good luck to you, my friend! May the odds be ever in your favor! ;)