Public speaking

When your clothes speak louder than you do

There he was:  the CEO of a major company, projecting pure confidence on the stage before us as he worked to convince us all of the merits of his big community idea. I sat as an audience member – trying so hard to pay attention to his words. But I just couldn’t.


…because while his words and confident body language told one story, this dude's shoes – dirty, dull and falling apart – told another.

Bright Words for a Slammin' Speech

When you've been given the opportunity to hold an audience's attention for a speech - even if it's just 60-seconds - it's up to you to use every second to your advantage. That means, ENGAGING your audience. Failing to do this, will make you and your message as interesting as bad wallpaper in a cheap hotel bathroom. Get my drift?

One of the best ways to engage an audience during your speech (or even in a conversation) is to use metaphors, analogies and other "bright" or descriptive language...

I Did a Ted Talk! (And it was the scariest thing I did all year...)

I did a Ted Talk! And, for the first time ever, I walked out onto a stage wearing the "thing" that freaks me out the most about my physical appearance: my 'Fro. Watch the video link below (or here) and see if you "get" what I'm throwin' down here about how we all need to step out from behind the things that scare us the most. 


Preparing remarks? Remember to be real...

I love it when I have to eat my own words...that is, follow my own advice.

I'm speaking today about a very difficult topic, and - in preparing my remarks - I remembered two very important lessons for me and for anyone who ever has to give a speech (or have a very important conversation).

Wanna know what it is? Listen below, friend. It's not even four minutes long...and it will change your day! Promise. ;)