How to say "I don't know" (and not feel defensive or stupid)

As brilliant as we all are – yeah, I said it, homie – sometimes, we have to say that we don’t know an answer to something. This oh-so-vulnerable moment comes up in meetings, during news interviews or job interviews, and sometimes in the middle of heated conversations.

So, how do you actually say, “I don’t know,” without feeling like a jerk? All it takes is a little “STEP”…here’s how:

60-seconds to perfect social media videos

I’m a big fan of keeping things as simple as possible while still getting awesome results. I keep my grilled cheese sandwiches basic (yum), I don’t over-decorate my Christmas tree (clean-up is a breeze) and I gave up on crafting and scrapbooking a long time ago (precious time reclaimed).

It’s no wonder, then, that I offer you this little gem: 60 seconds to shooting a perfect social media video. I call it SLAM and it's a proven formula for making social content videos that really work.

"I'm So Busy" is Killing Your Conversations

All of us – at some point - have proclaimed our busy-ness to others. But, this declaration of how busy you are can be a huge conversation killer.

It, essentially, tells others that you have no time for them or anything else for that matter. It brags about how important you are…because you’re so busy and in high-demand. Or, it creates an excuse for why you haven't returned their calls! Either way, try these different responses instead and see how it affects your conversations and relationships.