LOL...3 Ways to Get Over Your Nervous Laughter

We can all have moments when we lean on laughter or humor to get us through a nervous conversation. Just remember this, that nervous laughter isn’t fooling anyone. Others can clearly see through it for what it is, and it will always make them feel uncomfortable. No one appreciates repeated laughs or giggles used to conceal nerves, or humor used in a way that is passive aggressive.

Here’s how to get over that nervous laugh...

Getting through it: 3 ways to manage your emotions on-camera or on-stage

My friend cried on the phone with me as he rehearsed his remarks that he was going to deliver at his father’s funeral later that week. His heart was broken and his words stumbled and eeked out from behind a growing lump in his throat. His pain was so palpable, I wanted to reach through the phone to wipe away the tears welling up in his eyes.

“How am I going to do this,” he asked. “I don’t want to turn into a blubbering mess up there, Andrea. But, I owe at least this much to my father.”

“Don’t go up there alone,” I replied...

When ya' got nothin', do somethin'!

This weekend, I tallied up how much money I’ve saved these last few years by creating my own business videos, instead of hiring a pro crew to make them for me. Would you believe it: $25k?!! Um, that’s a lot of cash, money, moula, dolla bills, ya’ll! (And learning this got me all sorts of excited again for my upcoming Creating DIY Business Videos You LOVE program in March.)

It got me thinking about the many times in my career when I had to “spin gold from straw”, that is – make something awesome happen when I had little to no resources available to me. It seems I’ve employed this trick many times...and here's how you can, too.

{VIDEO} Get on camera; Get more confident

When was the last time you saw yourself in a video or photo? So often we avoid being in the spotlight because, well, we just don't like seeing ourselves. And, I get that! When I first went on-camera for my business, I hated what I saw. I wanted to run and hide and never get on camera again.

Still, seeing myself on-camera did two very important things for me...two things that completely changed my mindset and my business. Most of my clients ask me how to get more confident on stage or on-camera or in the boardroom. Well, here's part of the answer...

3 simple steps to writing the perfect greeting card

Soapbox: One of the most joyless things ever is receiving a greeting card in the mail only to find that the sender didn’t write anything personal…they only signed their name.

Come on, ya’ll! We can do better than that! Why send a “greeting card” if all you’re gonna write is your name? I already know you’re name…it’s on the envelope!

There, I said it: off my soapbox now.

It only takes three lines and 30 seconds to write a deliciously good greeting card that your friends, family and others will truly appreciate and remember you for. Here’s how...