Book more business through the speaking, networking, sales conversations and social media interactions you're already having.

It's totally possible!   And, you don't have to work harder...just have smarter conversations!

With every business conversation you have - sales, podcast interviews, speaking and so on - are you wasting time or making money and creating opportunities for more income? While you're working to increase your revenues this year, don't overlook the fact that 1-10%, on average, of your annual revenues could easily come from just one conversation or interaction. That definitely adds up! Get instant results and grow your revenues this summer and fall with the:

Master Your Voice: Convert with Conversations Mastermind

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Week 1 : Talkin' Live
Intentionally create conversations that convert

You'll learn three techniques you can use in your conversations NOW to increase your connections, leads and business opportunities. Get ready...because in this first week, you'll zip right past your competition using easy and proven strategies for conversations that convert!

In this first week, we'll cover:

  1. Intentionally communicating your unique brand for great first impressions (a key component for lasting relationships that bring you repeat business.)

  2. Using powerful storytelling to be memorable and instantly relatable

  3. The formula for asking "smart" questions that increase trust and open doors for sales opportunities

Week 2 : Sales
Sign-on more clients and get paid exactly what you want

There's a three-part winning sales formula - one that DOESN'T involve a hard sell, awkward questions or the terrible feeling of being unsure of your price.  I'll help you learn to use proof and evidence to back up your pricing structure (so you can get paid exactly what you want), change your internal conversations and perception of "worth", and I'll give you a proven-to-work sales script that you can use immediately to close more deals.

In this second week, you'll:

  1. Discover the real value of your time and expertise so you can confidently charge your worth.

  2. Learn the critical questions to ask in a sales conversation, exactly when to say no to a potential client and the right negotiating techniques to use for customers' common barriers to buying.

  3. Uncover the stories that are defeating your worth and money pipeline.

  4. Receive a proven-to-work sales script that you can adapt so you can CONFIDENTLY sign more business.

Week 3 : Social Voice
Put your authentic self "out there" and be ready to for new business when it comes knockin'!


Media works, I tell ya! More than 70% of my clients come from leads I've received through networking, speaking engagements, media appearances and social media. It's awesome, but I didn't always enjoy putting myself "out there" in the most authentic way. In fact, I avoided being seen in my business for a long time. Now, I welcome it because when potential clients can see the real me"out there", they arrive at my door eager to work with me. And - the folks who aren't the right fit for me, don't bother knocking - which frees me up to do what I love. I can show you how to do the same thing. 

In this third week, you'll:

  1. Develop your social voice - so you engage perfectly with your “people” online...and learn how to stay real and consistent everywhere - so when your potential clients "e-meet" you, they'll quickly know, like and trust you.

  2. Break down your personal barriers to showing the real you online. I’ll guide you on how to stand out with your unique voice and say what your audience is thinking and needs to hear...rather than what you want them to know.

  3. Plus, you'll get ready to greet your people online with best tips on cleaning up your social profiles and websites, welcoming your potential clients "right at the door", and focusing exactly on your lead's pain points so you serve up exactly what they need.


Week 4 : Self-Talk
Give yourself what you need to be truly successful

"I'll get to it. Later.  After my daughter graduates / this client project is over / the fall starts / my husband gets promoted." Yep, we've all said things like this...but do we really understand how this language hurts our bottom line? The right kind of self-talk can propel and inspire you. The wrong kind blocks you from doing what you love and making a good profit.

What you believe and what you say are the foundation of your business. It's time to flip the script and practice some good self-talk so you can discover the what, why, when, where and just how (and how much) valuable your voice is to you and your business.

In this week, you'll:

  1. Kick self-doubt from your every day talk. It's time to uncover your language barriers and self-talk that might be crippling you from growing your business and scaling to the next level.

  2.  Re-write the script. Together, we'll make it a regular practice of speaking positive energy, supportive beliefs and good vibes into your business. My promise to you: this one thing will completely change how you see yourself, what you do and how you will grow effortlessly and successfully!

How it Works

Every week, for 4 weeks you get a weekly 60-minute one-on-one phone coaching session with me pertaining to that week’s content.

PLUS a 60-minute weekly mastermind session where you get 15 minutes "in the spotlight" to get help you get unstuck, examine the work you’ve done and see where it needs tweaking, better ideas, better scripts, etc.

AND, you gain immediate access to a program page with: 16 business-changing resources like sales scripts, conversation guides, workbooks, videos and more, including:

  • 90-minutes of podcast-style audio sessions where I break down my tried and true experience and success with every formula I share with you

  • 4 videos you can watch on-the-fly to stay motivated and sharp now and after our program

  • 8 PDF tip sheets and worksheets that you can customize, use immediately and refer back to for each coaching session

Because of the immersive, highly individualized sessions, this program is only open to a select few.  

You might be one of them!