"I worked with Andrea during a transitional time in my business life. After 15 years as a small business owner, I entered into the corporate world. This change took me into new territory, and I realized I needed A LOT of work - especially on my confidence in speaking. In a room full of strong personalities, making my voice heard was something I needed to accomplish if I was going to be successful.

In working with Andrea, I was surprised to find myself laughing a lot, while being exceptionally productive. Andrea has a way of pulling the very best out of me. She helped me go to places that were awkward but helped me reveal to myself the untapped potential that I would not have found otherwise.  Her bold and thoughtful demeanor makes taking yourself to the next level a reality. My time with Andrea provided an extreme before and after picture of me as a speaker and participant in the corporate world. Her talent is bringing the very best out of people. I cannot thank her enough as I know she is truly on this continuing journey with me in my professional life. I keep her number close at hand just in case I need a little polish before any presentation or important meeting."

 - Maura Harrison, Artisan Floral Designer, Wegmans Food Markets


"I worked with Andrea for about six months, and it was awesome! Tons and tons of fun but also highly valuable. She taught me how to perform on video and how to write speeches that deliver through storytelling. Andrea has really understood me, appreciated what I want to do and helped me come of out my shell to break through all my self-consciousness."

 - Jodi Aman, Counselor & Founder of Give Fear the Boot!

I always knew there was a "thing"… a "concept" of public speaking where the speaker could powerfully get their point across. “Theatre of the Mind” was it, and you opened that door for me,  Andrea. I have my stutter. You reminded me that I control my stutter. You allowed me to look within and find my "peaceful place", to communicate verbally and non-verbally. So much of what you did was allow me to find myself. For that I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

 - Christopher Richardson, MD
Trauma Medical Director, Rochester General Hospital



“I had a strong desire to change and improve my communication skills – both personal and professional. I wanted to speak clearly, articulately and never be misunderstood – especially at times when I felt passionate about something. Andrea helped me become more confident in my ability as an entrepreneur, mentor and public speaker.”

                                                                            - Deanna Cahill, Owner, Brow Diva

"Bring Andrea in to get your crucial conversations started. Her subject matter is thought-provoking and relevant, and working with her is a joy.  She really focuses on your needs and how to best reach your audience, and customizes her training sessions so your team can get the most out of their time with her. Approachable and personable, Andrea's warm personality can reach even the coolest of individuals to get them involved."

 - Amanda Puleo, Churchville-Chili Central School District


"Andrea's Lean Your Ladder session was a fresh breath of air!   She connected so well with our employees and leadership team.   Her stories and insight of taking control of your destiny was profound.  Our employees were energized with her approach and delighted demeanor.   I would highly recommend her!

- Olga Mendez, Verizon Wireless

“Working with Andrea has been a clear return on my investment; having her as a coach is a must for anyone who aspires to successfully operate at higher levels of leadership. I have developed greater self-awareness and confidence, and am able to get the most significant point across in the most effective way, whether that is in front of a news camera or delivering a speech. Her communication exemplifies her coaching ability and easily shows others what they could expect as a result of working with her.”
- Dr. Delmonize Smith, Dean, College of Business & Public Affairs, Alabama A&M University

“Working with Andrea is a reality check of those things you see and those you don’t want to see. I needed help with public speaking and she taught me it was okay to use my voice and my words. Her confidence and knowledge of what it takes to become a good speaker, gives you the tools you need to get where you need to go. She is the kind of person that you want to know simply because of her high energy and positive outlook.”

- Annette Warren, CEO, iSecure

“Andrea Holland is a gifted coach who has found an effective niche fusing her unique life experience and formal education. Our employees found Andrea’s Lean Your Ladder keynote relevant, motivational and relatable in their lives and professional development. Andrea is reliable, professional and always prepared. It was very easy to work with her, which helped me be more effective in my job.”

- Joseph Searles, Corporate Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Excellus

“I enjoy working with Andrea as we can connect on a personal and professional level, which often overlap in any relationship.  She has helped me understand my communication style and the reason behind the way I communicate – which has given me greater insight and confidence.”

- Cindy Andrews, Vice President Human Resources, Baldwin Richardson Foods


“It was a pleasure to have Andrea as part of our training! I loved the way she personalized her presentation to suit our audience. We were totally engaged because she was speaking our language. By opening the door and giving us an insider’s view of the life of reporters, as well as helping us to better understand the role of social media, we will be better equipped to share our stories with the public.”

- Amie Alden, Chair, Government-Appointed Historians of Western New York


“Andrea was so easy to work with and made it possible for us to meet expected outcomes in a very short timeframe. She is an awesome example of talent and we recommend her for all your communications needs.”

- Pathstone Corporation


“Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us in the Media Mojo Workshop, Andrea. You did a fantastic job! As a participant, I appreciated the information you shared as I am unschooled in this area; as the workshop coordinator, I was delighted to see your ease in presenting and your informal approach to relating to the audience. It’s easy to see that you love what you do…and you do it so well!”

- Joyce Strazzabosco, Council of Agency Executives