Unlock the Power of Video with Your Smartphone

Create videos for your marketing, professional development and in-house training programs now. This Business Video Intensive gives you and your team the in-person training you need to easily create professional-looking business videos using equipment & resources you already have. Unlock the power of your smartphone and start making high-quality, professional videos for your staff, clients, and social media audiences.

Why Videos, Why Now?

Websites that feature videos report an 80% increase in conversion rates. Video is a growing medium, and with everyday implementation of video in your marketing and training materials you will immediately start to see more frequent engagement and higher sales conversions.

Engage your team in creating videos today!


Hands-on learning

From start to finish, your team will produce a custom video by the end of this one-day program. You’ll learn about camera and lighting basics, how to record a video, edit, and upload to platforms.

Leave feeling confident with your newfound video skills and be able to create custom videos at your schedule.


Practical on-camera skills

Your team will learn about lighting, speaking on camera, background imagery, and basic graphics to take their videos to the next level.

The program will also teach them about incorporating video production into their professional toolkit in a responsible and practical way - allowing them to showcase their leadership while being a reliable resource to team members.

Effective communication

With video shooting, editing, and sharing at your team’s fingertips, they’ll discover new ways to communicate to target audiences in efficient and visually compelling ways.

Having a visual platform available will eliminate the need to hire a videographer for small projects, or produce lengthy written training manuals.

What clients have to say…

"I absolutely LOVED learning from Andrea. Our session was fun, well structured, and incredibly informative. In addition to learning how to shoot and edit video from my phone, I also learned a number of best practices and how to talk about video with my customers.

The new gadgets and apps that Andrea recommended were a huge help. Being able to test-run the equipment before purchasing was wonderful. Andrea was patient, flexible, and very approachable. Her content was well organized, easily digestible, and immediately applicable! Thank you so much for spending the day with us!"

- Erika Kuczynski, Instructional Designer, Wegmans Food Markets


Engage your team in creating videos today!


Who is Andrea Holland?

AndreaHolland Andrea is a communications coach and video producer who challenges businesses to find new and innovative ways to communicate with audiences — both internal and external. Her services have impacted almost every industry imaginable, from marketing and PR to technology start-ups and large corporations. Her experience includes 17+ years in the communications field with an emphasis on video, voice, storytelling and strategic messaging.


Who is the program for?

The program is designed for professionals at small-to-mid-sized companies who want to incorporate video into marketing, professional development, and training materials.

What results can I expect?

By the end of the intensive, you will have created your first video, with a clear call to action to your target audience, and you will know exactly how to create as many additional videos as you want moving forward.

How will the content for this course be delivered?

This program is a live, 8-hour intensive lead by Andrea on-site at your offices. All learning content for the program is made available to you right from the start on the program web page. There, you can view and/or download these materials and complete any pre-or-post-work necessary.

Will I need any special video equipment to complete this program?

It is expected for this program that you will have a smart-phone device (i.e. Apple iPhone or Windows / Android-based device) with enough storage space to store video clips (or some other storage device to transfer videos to), along with access to internet and any suggested apps from the program. If you decide to purchase additional equipment for this program, the cost can range anywhere from $20 and above. Producing video can be very costly, but this program is designed to keep your video production costs very low – if not, free.

Engage your team in creating videos today!