Stop Hiding and Start Shining

In business and in life, it can be scary to be “seen”. There’s a certain vulnerability...a feeling of being “exposed” and open to possible criticisms of others. I asked a client recently about what scared her so much about putting herself “out there” in a way that seemed bold to her and she responded with a body quake. An actual body quake. Being seen can be hard...and there are some ways to gain the confidence we need to shine…

Your Audience Cares and So Should You

It was a simple but very telling moment that spoke volumes about audiences’ reactions to speakers - or in this case people we see presenting information. One of the most common challenges I hear my clients tell me is that they have trouble reading their audiences. Here’s some important things to keep in mind about audiences - be they in an auditorium or one-on-one across the table at lunch…

"To What End?"

We don’t always have the opportunity to plan what we’re going to say in live conversations, but what if we had the chance to think through some important questions beforehand? Could our relationships improve if we took 5 minutes before a meeting, lunch with a friend, morning coffee break or team presentation to ask ourselves: “To what end?

Go There or Go Home

I walked onto the stage dressed as a gingerbread man...a ridiculous-looking gingerbread man named Johnny Ho-Cake. The audience roared with laughter; all except for one woman who sat off-center in the front row. She would not laugh - and something told me she wasn’t planning on doing it. If I was going to turn this performance around for her, I needed to “go there”…and doing that made all the difference.