I’ve spent my life and career daring to find my voice, and now I want to help you find yours.

Before I took the biggest, scariest leap of my life and started my own coaching company, I worked as a public relations and marketing gal, radio DJ and traveling video producer. I spent 12+ incredible years learning how communication “works” – traveling the US and abroad interviewing leadership experts on their most compelling experiences, asking everyday people to share their own stories, writing news releases and award-winning marketing campaigns, and working with execs on how to hit their mark in speeches and presentations.

It was all so kick-ass that I get the goosies just saying it. 

But, I had one big problem: as awesome as I was at helping others find their voice by getting confident and clear on their messages and ideas, I felt totally insecure in my own. And, I knew I wasn’t alone in this feeling. That realization fired up a passion to understand the communication processes, mindsets, strategies and techniques that created better relationships, greater confidence, and bigger opportunities in life and business.

Be the first to recognize your greatness…and then share it with the world.

That’s what I believe, and it’s from that understanding that I help others find their own greatness and bring their most confident voices to the table in life and business.

What holds you back from sharing your brilliance? Is it keeping you stuck in business or in life? Do you feel paralyzed in thinking you’ll fail somehow?  I say: enough of that mess. You must and can be the master strategist, campaigner and executor of your success.

No one else can do it for you…but I can show you how to get it done.

I hope to meet you soon so we can high-five. High fives rock. Until then, all my best!