The right words said in the right way can change a person’s moment, day or life. That’s the power of a good message.

I love sharing big ideas with practical guidance, and bringing humor and heart to every speech I give – be it a Ted talk, big conference, small team event, retreat or otherwise.

With passion – and, oftentimes – humor, I speak about embracing change and learning to trust yourself during life’s big shifts. Clients often seek me out to inspire their leaders, teams and students in bridging the gap between what is and what could be, and for expert advice on how to communicate clearly and confidently when it matters most.

When I’m asked to take the stage, the kinds of messages I’m often asked to share include:

  • Taking big-time ownership of your career and life experience so you always have the power to choose, change and grow

  • Developing an authentic personal brand that serves your success

  • Meeting people "where they are” to create powerful, personal connections in business and life

  • Working in ways that support your bottom line and that of your company’s

  • Embracing change and learning to trust yourself during life’s big shifts

  • Kicking “no” out of your vocabulary and taking big leaps in the direction of “yes”

I was a 2014 Tedx Flour City speaker and host of 2015 Tedx Flour City. Check out my talk where I admit to nearly burning down a London hotel in an effort to keep my hair smooth (and how I learned to let go of my need to be "perfect" as a result.)

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